A Cottage Witch…

NOTE: One Witch’s Cottage, the business, has closed.

  • My witchy book titles remain available on Amazon.com—original, independently published, magical content.
  • To any who rely on my healing herbals, get in touch if you need more. I continue to make them for family and friends.
  • I have limited materials remaining after closing my business: prior customers who really want an amber & jet ceremonial necklace (unbroken circle), or a raw silk or wool cloak, get in touch and I’ll let you know whether I can accommodate an occasional request for custom order.
November Fall Fantasy Faire, Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma, WA
Green Comfort display
Modeling deep green raw silk Cowled Cloak in Titlow Park, Tacoma, WA 2018

Below are images of two of my 40-year old watercolor art works depicting my inner view of the Lady and the Lord. Get in touch if you have any interest in acquiring a full color, full size (12×16″) print of either of these works, signed by the artist.

“Lady of the Wood”                                        original watercolor 1975 @Deborah Snavely all rights reserved
“Sleeping Lord”                                                a view of Mt. St. Helens across the Sebastopol eastern wetlands
original watercolor 1975 @Deborah Snavely all rights reserved

September 2021, jet alternating with cherry, cognac, lemon, & green amber.